December 3, 2022


A new way to travel

In the article, “Flights to Nowhere” ( upfront) I learned that during the pandemic many people miss to travel, but they can’t because many trips were canceled because of the Covid-19, but a Tokyo company called First Airlines lets customers sit in a first- class plane cabin and pretend they’re flying to a vacation destination. The cost is about 62$ dollars, and they experience it for two hours, and they have the option to choose where they want to go. This works similarly to a real flight, when the plane has arrived customers get virtual reality headsets that let them look around their destination. The customers have said it was the best option for the time being. 

I think it is an interesting idea, because now it is difficult to travel because of the pandemic. I think for the people that miss travel they should try this, they would experience a cool adventure, it is not going to be the same as before but they would have the option to try it, and see how it is. They would also have the experience to see different countries that they have never visited before, and explore a new avenue of travel. 

What did you think about the new way to travel?

NYC … my home

Going out in the city is important to me,
Hearing the traffic as the cars rush by you is thrilling,
The horn as they honk at you is just … amazing
The nice good fresh air of hot dogs and nuts 4 nuts by Times Square is nostalgic, 
The amazing views from high buildings is what makes the city unique
The lights coming from the buildings at night is beautiful 
These lights are our stars since we don’t have any 
And honestly being involved with the atmosphere of downtown is matchless 
Its incomparable to any other city
New York City is my home

A Walk Around The Heights

Feel the bass of the beat
Cars rolling up the street
Spanish music is all around you.
Every block is so full of life and music
Is the biggest thing over here.
This is Washington Heights.

Walk to the deli, listen to Merengue
Look at the graffiti, check out the restaurants
Take a trip to Highbridge pool, relax at the parks.
Enjoy the culture around Washington Heights.

New York City

Five puzzle pieces
Each one having many details
But they all have one similarity
Which is uniqueness
Stars of music
Comedy prodigies
A compact melting pot
This is what makes New York City

What I am made of?

I was raised by the biggest Castel opposite my old windows. 

I am from Taiz, the sound of motorcycles in the neighborhood. 

I am a piece of Arab origin. 

I was raised by historical country.

I am from the sound of video games coming from my nephew’s room each morning,

The smell of bent al Sahn made with flour, butter, and honey.

I was raised by a dad’s advice who made my morning greater. 

I am from the best morning with beautiful sunshine. 

I was raised by five minutes wasting my free time writing.

I am made of ambition and pride, 

I am made of sharing my opinion,

I am made of sharing my culture, 

I am made of sharing my ideas. 

I was raised by living together 

With my brother’s family, and my parents. 

I am from a family that hang out together. 

I am made of “try to do something before going to college, like Youtuber, programs, sports teams…” 

I was raised by the Sunset over the Island

I am from a view of Manhattan in the West

I am made of Verrazano Bridge view in the East

I was raised by hearing the ocean waves, and birds 

I was raised by fishing and reading a book, for passing my time there

I am made of my brothers who are the most coming with me

I am made of my older siblings’ advice

I was raised by teaching me what I should have done to my life

I am made of learning from their stories that taught me a lot of advice

I am made of sharing my obstacles to the other as advice. 
What I am made of?

Fresh Earth

My favorite place in New York City is Prospect Park. It is where I have grown up. It’s a place that I’ve gone to my whole life. It is very close to where I live. I made my first friends there. I learned to ride a bike. It is where I fell off my first bike. It’s where my mom and I have all of our picnics. Prospect Park is a very big part of who I am. It is where I walk my dog, where I go on relaxing walks to clear my head. It reminds me of how calm life can really be. As soon as I walk in, the atmosphere changes. The smell of the air changes. It smells like fresh earth and flowery. I just love Prospect Park!

A Place I’ll never forget

Booker T. Washington Middle School at 108th between Amsterdam & Columbus is a place I grew up, from the age of 6 years old. Booker T. Washington was a place where I went every day after school throughout the school year and in the summertime, we would go on trips and things like that. Booker T. had a lot of opportunity of things to do while being there such as cooking, yoga, basketball, track, football, dance, art classes, and other types of sports.

When I was younger, I use to be apart of the dancing crew and also ran track for a couple of years. I had been there for so long, we all became family. Most of the people I know are from growing up a Booker T. Washington. Booker T. Washington was apart of the “Harlem Children’s Zone” where there are many other after schools like ours, under Harlem children’s zone. Booker T Washington closed down at the end of my 8th grade.

Now I got to another afterschool program that is also under Harlem children zone, still in the same community but different location, different environment, different people also just a whole different type of afterschool. My past afterschool was from pre-K to high school. My current after school is only for high schoolers.

Therefore Booker T will always be a place that will never be forgotten. As a group, we will always be at Booker T Washington Park, watching people play basketball or as the kids that we were on nice days. We would have water fights, barbecues, play football and so many other things that kept us occupied. Even on the cold days, rainy days we will be inside the building cooking, or be in the gym or just doing different type of classes. My childhood will always be a story to tell. 

Sights and Smells of a Mall

I love to go to Bay Plaza Mall. It’s my favorite place in the Bronx. The mall has good stores for me to shop in like Victoria Secret/Pink. I love how as soon as I walk into the mall, it smells like Cinnabon. Cinnabon tastes so good. Sometimes I get a mocha drink with it and it’s delicious too. I love buying clothes from Pink especially matching sweatsuits. They’re so comfortable and cute. The mall is always crowded though. On the top floor is the food court which is another one of my favorite parts of the mall. The Japanese food store is the best. Last time I was there with my dad, I got Teriyaki chicken with fried rice. It was so yummy. Only thing I hate about it and other places is walking around for too long so usually I just go sit down and use my phone. Next time I go to the mall I know for a fact that that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

This Is The Place I Love

This place is located in the Millennium Park.Address is 201 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60602 and they close at 11pm.This is really nice place to just take pictures with family and friends.

Happy Place

Walking in with so much joy, set my backpack down in the colorful room that is appealing to your eyes. They taught me how to sit criss cross but never taught kids how to treat all kids the same. Different kids, me the definition of different i did not ask to be this color, wear something over my head and to believe what i believe in. Unhappy with the 8 year old i was, i was lost but over the years i learned. As I walk through the garden with the sewage smell that I seemed to find relaxing, the blending color of flowers, hearing the butterflies wings flapping, the sweet apples growing from the apple tree, the touch of the moist and warm soil brought me more happiness then the playgrounds. 8 year old me confused, happy, sad, angry, worried, and lost. The garden, the magical garden that cured sadness and brought happiness. My happy place.

Photos found in my camera roll

One place I love is Mexico. I took pictures of it when I went over there for vacation and here they are. These pictures aren’t the best because I didn’t know that I’ll need them for this class. They are photos which I found in my camera roll and decided to use them because of my love for Mexico.

When I found these pictures, I was happy since I knew I love Mexico and it would have been easier for me to express my love for it. This made an opportunity to show off how beautiful Mexico is.

A place for all seasons

In this playlist, we took photos of a place we love and posted them on youth voices. One important place I like in my neighborhood is Pomander Walk. It is a beautiful group of houses in a courtyard on the upper west side. I find it relaxing to just sit in the courtyard or to run around there with my dog. I like the gardens planted there in the spring and summer and how it looks when snow falls in the winter.

Blue Park

The “Blue Park”, has been around for a long time. It’s been around for my whole childhood and is still around. This park is the “neighborhood park” where most people that live around that area go sit around the park, take their kids out to go play, and much more. This Blue Park is huge. It has swings, a basketball court, a mini park for toddlers, restrooms, and more. I’ve been coming to play in this park with my friends for about 10 years now. I chose to write about this park because it has so many details and it’s enormous. In the spring and summer, the park gets full with friends, families and even pets. There are many different trees at this park. Some are huge and some are small. In my opinion, many people call this park the “Blue Park” since it’s mainly blue. The playground is blue, the mini park is blue, and even the poles where water sprinkles through are blue. Surprisingly, some old ladies and old men go sit around that park when the weather gets warmer. When the sun shines, you also start to see more squirrels, and birds through the yard. I’ll suggest anyone who comes to my neighborhood to come to the “Blue Park” if they ever wanted some nice air and a nice spot to hang around. In this blue park, I see birds and squirrels. I also hear the birds chirping in the air when it’s warm out. This park smells like nature with all the trees around and fresh air. I hope to see the kids that play in this park now grow up having fun in this amazing place.

Too old for it

A park is a place where I used to go and play with my neighborhood friends. I don’t go there anymore because I’m too old for it. I made a lot of friends but know have lost contact. I used to play soccer, tag and sometimes basketball. We used to stay until 8:00 pm playing tag in the dark. I’m surprised my parents never yelled at me for coming home late but I guess they didn’t care as it was better than playing video games all day. It wasn’t only a place to make friends because I did have people I didn’t really like, but it was a place to get out of the house and take my mind off of school and be a kid. It was a place I went to spend my summer time and not spend it inside with AC and video games. 

Anne Loftus Playground