My name is Emanuel Gonzalez. What’s important to know about me is that at times I’m lazy, but when it really matters I do what I have to do. I was born April 6th, 2002.  I never really had a turning point in my life but family is always important to me. I was born in the Bronx and still live in it.

There is really nothing that I like to do in school. In my other school I used to be on the wrestling team if that counts. I’m really not good at anything in school; all I do is just get my work done. I enjoy the long naps I take after school and also hanging out with my friends. Well, I play a lot of games and I’m really good at most of them. I started playing games in the third grade because a family friend gave us his PS2.  

In the survey that I just took it mentioned something about “if there are stray animals in my community”, and yes I strongly agree with that.  Around my block from where I live I see many stray cats that are hungry and cold. At times this hurts for me to see because I think about how they have to go through the winter with no shelter and not much food. The only thing that keeps me sane about this is that every morning, I see the same guy filling a bowl with food and another bowl with water. At times I’m happy and at other times I’m jealous because I know that I can’t do anything for these cats, I can’t afford cat food every day. Nevertheless, every time I see this man I tell him “god bless you sir” even if it might mean nothing to him, it does to me.

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