Cassette tape


Will you be the harmony to my melody and finish this duet?



Cassette tapes; walkmans; stereos; cd players. Chocolate; flowers; poetry; love.

They’re nothing but lost things, waiting to be found by Tinker Bell 


“Somewhere only we know”

-Miki Ratsula 

The song of nostalgia. Miki sings about the realization that he and the person he once loved are getting old. They’re old but with every last moment they walk together through these memories they shared, asking each other to go back to this place that no one else knows. They’re enjoying the simple things and pleasures of life. A song about people being in love and just enjoying each other’s company because in the end that’s all that might matter and all you might remember. Having these moments of love,and affection, something to hold onto and keep. Maybe in the afterlife. “This could be the end of everything, so why don’t we go somewhere only we know” Miki Ratsula sings in “somewhere only we know”

“Two punks in love”


Singing with honesty and truth can be tough but the effects on oneself and others is worth more than gold. Bülow sings about what it’s like to love this person without covering her truth in sugar. She sings about being there for each other, like best friends, because whos to say that when you add love you stop being friends. With all the love comes the heartache. How the person she cared about broke her heart but in return always made them cry. Even after all the pain, all the hardships, and the tears, they stuck by each other no matter what. The love they shared was enough. “They said their love was not enough,But from the start We promise, we won’t give up” Bülow sings in “Two punks in love” That idea of love lasting. Being with one for the rest of you life. An endless cycle of warmth and intimacy between two people who become one. The world around them is nothing but background noise in their play. “ Even tho the years go by. Seasons change and flowers die, we’re still rocking side by side. I’m still yours and you’re still mine.” Bülow sings in “Two punks in love”


Amarte a la antigua”

-Pedro Fernandez

A poem dancing with a wonderful melody screaming the meaning of romance. Pedro sings that no one loves like before. No one courts each other anymore. You don’t see spontaneous dates, love letters, boxes of chocolate. Not even flowers. The simplest gestures of fondness aren’t shown anymore. But he doesn’t care, he tells this person that he will love them a la antigua, meaning the old fashioned way. He speaks about giving this person his life, cover them in roses and sing them love songs. That is what loving someone means to him. There’s no need for jewelry nor money. Devoting yourself to someone and not changing your ways of showing that just because everyone else did. “Amarte a la antigua, robarte sonrisas, tomarte la mano, abrirte la puerta,escribirte poesía. Amar como antes.” [ love you the old fashioned way, steal smiles for you, hold your hand, open doors for you, write you poetry. Love like in the olden days] Pedro Fernandez sings in “amarte a la antigua”


Today everyone is nothing but a profile picture on a screen. An instagram DM waiting to go wrong because no one tells boys that we [girls] don’t want to see it. At a young age, people go through relationships like a sky rocket. One person one week and then a different person the following week. The word “forever” has been given the definition of “3 weeks” as people say it to each other without any meaning or intention to keep such a promise. No one loves like the people who wrote  these songs. No one feels those butterflies or gets that rush in their heart that tickles a bit. It’s all about “what everyone else is doing”. I’ve heard the same phrases ring through my ears like church bells on a sunday morning. “Everyone has someone”, “i just want someone” or “I’m so alone”. Words like these motivate and encourage actions that can really hurt people. Relationships become one sided and emotions get toyed with. It becomes more about wanting to have someone to love them, not someone to love. No one feels anything true anymore. Nobody dates because they’ve fallen for someone, rather they’ve fallen in fear of being alone. Having no one to care about them intimately. Trying to fill the hole their insecurities have left behind with the love of someone they don’t even care about. When people do this, they hurt each other. They give out pain that then gets turned into this endless cycle of heartache, that has people call love. 


Has the idea of romance changed? Am I just not keeping up? What’s happened to the meaning of love? Why is everyone so concerned about “going all the way?”. Maybe I’m reading too many romance books. Maybe i listen to these songs too much. Maybe the world has just lost its colour, and is now painted in black and white.

No. I will wait. I will give and be given flowers. I will write and be written poetry. I will hold and have my hand held. The meaning of love has changed to the world, but whos to say it has to change for me.


Lets become leaves on a windy day and dance away into the world of you and me. 


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