Dear President,

My name is Pashae Walker and this fall semester, I will be a first generation college student. I would like to bring to your attention that college is extremely expensive and that many of my colleagues’ parents cannot afford to pay off our tuition for these next  four or five years for higher education, based on the income they receive yearly, especially since their wages haven’t increased. Which I find quite interesting because our college tuition is constantly increasing.  I personally believe that people often fail to realize that when we apply for financial aid although we do put our parents income into FASFA, their income is yearly; therefore, we must remember that some parents have other children or family members to take care of, as well as personal expenses such as bills, mortgage, rent, etc. and daily necessities meaning that if all our money cannot go toward our education because we wouldn’t be able to survive.

Coming from a single parental home, being classified with the socioeconomic status of working class, I know my mother cannot afford to pay for the rest of my tuition. She is expected to contribute a total amount of $1,858, which to most people doesn’t seem like a lot of money to contribute; however, if you are a waitress you know that you basically survive off of the tips you receive. My mother struggles every month to  make ends meat and sacrifices many things to take care of me. Adding on the expenses of college along with what she already has to spend on food, bills, myself, and much more, she feels that she will do worst with finances because she has to constantly put money aside to pay the expected contribution. As for myself, in my tuition I have to take out the two loans that are provided meaning that I will already be in debt and if I cannot obtain work study, which is also include in my tuition, then I will lose $3,500 of my tuition; therefore forcing me to take out another loan adding more onto my debt. I know without accepting everything that my tuition provides I will not be able to pay for my first year of college due to the fact that I ran out of money and will eventually have to drop out.

Over the past 5 years, public 4 year colleges tuition and fees increased an estimated $2,702 along with room and board which increased by an estimate of $4,751. I feel that our financial aid should pay for more of our college expenses because many students will be coming out of college and ruining their credit because they owe so much money due to the fact that they wanted to expand their education causing them to take out thousands and thousands of dollars when we don’t even have a steady job to pay the money back. I understand that college is a personal decision; however, I feel that we shouldn’t have to pay an extreme amount of money for something that will benefit us as well as the people that we are surrounded by. Because of these unfortunate financial complications, many people often drop out of school because they cannot afford to pay for higher education.

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