There are many types of therapy in the world that can help with an individuals emotions such as anxiety, depression, or even erratic thoughts that need a place to subside. One form of therapy that can be done alone to reduce stress levels and other forms of anxiety is through expressive writing or journaling. The cool aspect of writing is that the process can be done basically anywhere. Writing does not just have to be focused on the area of trying to heal oneself but in the way the process could bring someone closer to themselves mentally, spiritually, and holistically with regards to the whole body.

In addition to the healing aspects of expressive writing or journaling, the act of writing in a consistent way opens up the human mind in ways that could never have been opened before. Becoming aware of your surroundings brings with these observations, an increased meaning of truth within you. “Writing practice brings you below the surface to really meet what you see, think, and feel” -Mark Matousek. Writing about our thoughts and feelings can also strengthen and solidify our immune system against illnesses. Surprisingly, expressive writing also has the ability to help physical wounds heal faster.

Writing about the things we fear or have a hard time understanding can bring meaning to other events goin on in our lives. When writing becomes more accessible or when we make more time to write, we can probe our thoughts and feelings deeper from the thoughts experienced throughout the day, week, month, or even year. Writing about unsayable things is what frees us from suffering in silence -Mark Matousek. The impact of the writing process and the way that writing can be used to be productive and positive means of therapy, is a true guide in helping people get relief from suffering emotional or physical pain.



  1. Britney 2 years ago

    i love this writing, I believe writing can be a type of therapy to heal the mind and let a person express themselves.

  2. Averi 3 years ago

    Yes! Writing is a personal outlet, and even a data log for humanity’s experience. Throughout history scribes, and now what we call journalists have always been prevalent in society. Which is why I worry that people would choose to say ‘journalism is a dying craft.’ Because writing is critical for social analysis, and self-reflection.

    I think the art of writing can be used in the most helpful ways, like you said. The form of language is powerful and moving, although, I can assume more people think writing is typing now. I prefer picking up my journal rather than posting to twitter. I don’t believe a character limit has the same effect as an old fashioned pen and paper; so including “how you write” may explain another dynamic layer to why writing unveils human emotion.

    Check out this source, written by Kristin Wong (, she briefly explains how writing on paper has a tendency to feel more gratifying.

    <3, Averi

  3. Christopher 3 years ago

    Hey Thomas, I like your post about writing, and how important writing is to a human being. Writing is a very powerful tool and weapon, many say that writing is one of the most powerful weapon in the world. I like how you state “the act of writing in a consistent way opens up the human mind in ways that could never have been opened before” writing helps creativity and free’s one mind from the real world. I found an interesting article that you may want to look at ( Anyways thanks for your post and I look forward to see what you write next.

  4. Kariah 3 years ago

    I think writing is a form of therapy. And it can really help if you don’t want to talk to someone about what you are going through. Writing can help clear your mind, it is a way of letting everything all out.

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