Since movie makers have a crippling fear of creating something original, they are currently remaking and doing adaptations of multiple things, such as video games. Most recently, TOMB RAIDER, that is supposed to come out sometime in 2018.

Personally I enjoy playing the series but am skeptical to the quality of this movie. Unlike Assassin’s Creed where I foolishly believed that they could create something fun and informative, I don’t see them having that kind of creative freedom here. The twists of the two most recent games starring the rebooted Lara Croft haven’t been all that impressive and easily called an hour or two ahead of the in game reveal. The true flaw with Assassin’s Creed is that the game developers listened to the fan base, while the movie ignored it. The modern day sections were despised so the game developers response was lessen their impact and then turned them unplayable; the modern sections were the movie with only snippets to the past. They also chose a time where their actions didn’t clearly alter the course of history, only a brief nod at Columbus.

There are some other flaws with the character of Lara that I think will hurt the movie. One, she is immortal, and like Rey from the new star wars, kind of a Mary Sue. She’s smart, driven, good at killing, and never seems to be completely defeated. While she as a character is lacking, the idea of her really pulls people through the games -the ability to live vicariously through her.

With her being turned into her own movie, it is only fair to look to a franchise that has a similar symbol, Indiana Jones. Her movie should more or less follow the same formula as these original three movies. I’m pulling them from because it’s been awhile since I’ve seen them. The start of the movie is an introduction, an artifact is found, but lost. This has no effect on the overall plot. The Information is given and a plane is taken to a place where a female lead is introduced, but soon or after during this something goes wrong, an attack that gives them information, which leads them to a new location. The woman is captured, a fear is faced, and then Indy does something incredible with a vehicle. The artifact is found and kills the villain, and during the end, there must be a cave. The bad guys Indy must face are, the main villain, the secondary villain, and then the muscle.

The recent games have clung to this more or less, being less strong in character growth but having overpowered weapons. The main villain, secondary villain, and the muscle are the closest matching things (even through the muscle are undead giant things in the games).

From the trailer, I can’t really tell how it’s going to play out. That’s the problem of these adaptations, the story either is dull or goes over the top. They don’t make us care. In a game, you don’t need that much to care about because you’re invested in winning the game and completing the objectives. You have to want to root for the character and not yourself. I think that’s why they fall apart, because they can’t make it a game, but they can’t just ignore the game’s audience preferences.




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November 15, 2017 12:50 am

Dear Anne,
I am moved by your post,¨Can Videogame to Movie Adaptations Work?¨. I am moved because I am a gamer as well and I want there to be a good movie adaptation of a game. One of the sentences you wrote,¨I think that’s why they fall apart, because they can’t make it a game, but they can’t just ignore the game’s audience preferences.¨ I agree with you on this because when they make a movie out of a game the audience is gonna be 99% gamers if not all gamers. And a large amount of them have played said game. For example for the Assasains creed movie I am a big fan of the series and played all of the games. I feel like they didn’t as well as they could have because it’s a movie they don’t have those hours people spend on games to develop the protagonist which leads to a lot of holes and a lack of understanding. This might not be a problem because most of the people watching come from the games but those who don’t won’t understand a lot of the concepts that are established in the game but not in the movies. Another part that stood out to me was,¨The recent games have clung to this more or less, being less strong in character growth but having overpowered weapons.¨” I think this is not true on some of the games but on most it is. This mainly relies on games that you play for example a lot of games like that could be superhero games that are great but do use that format. But games like The last of us are more in depth with the story than anything else another one is Shadow of War I find this game amazing because it goes in depth with the story and is an amazing sequel to the original Shadow of Mordor. This is another thing that goes with your post because this world is based on Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings series this was a good transition to the game from the movies because it’s not the movie at all it’s in the same setting and uses the same ideas but it goes in depth with new characters. I think this is the approach movies should take not the exact same characters but the same settings and the same world. Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because it’s always interesting to talk about video games with someone and see their perspectives on the games we all play and love.

November 13, 2017 8:11 am

I really want there to be a good video game movie. The only movie directly based off a game that was semi-good was Mortal Kombat, and semi-good may be too nice. If the filmmakers have a vision it could possibly work, but I doubt it. It sounds like they’re going for a cash grab and trying to bank off the Tomb Raider name. I do agree a lot of work will have to be done to her character to make her developed. Do you think it could work? Remember the last Tomb Raider movie. Here’s more info:

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