The phrase money can’t buy happiness has been an ongoing mentality in our society, and continues to impact many people when it comes to thinking about your happiness. But when I started to think about it, many people including me use money as a source of their happiness. For example when it comes down to buying new phones or cars, people will do anything to get that sense of gratification for the couple of days or months that item pleases you, or until something newer or better comes along. And I started to realize this trend especially in developed countries, where we have the world at our finger tips. There are a lot more happiness with a lot less money in undeveloped countries. When I was in Thailand this past summer, people were content with what they had, and were 10x happier, than I was at the time, by barely living with the necessities to get by in life. They shared what they had with others, and created a happiness by living out their pride and joy of the Thai culture. I realized that a lot of my happiness was temporary, and was being caused from materialistic things. 

When I did some research about it, I came to find out that money can actually buy happiness. According to the Department of Psychology money is important to being happy. Having a higher income for example can allow us to live in nicer and safer neighborhoods, better healthcare and nutrition, fulfilling work, and more leisure time. But at the same time, you can only get so much fulfillment before the stress and work over power your happiness. They also found that doing makes us happier than having. By having those materialistic objects you are expecting to get gratification out of them, when in all reality it is the actual action of them that makes you happy, and creates a memory. Spending money on others can also help in many ways. By giving back you are allowing yourself to feel good and happy about the actions you are doing on to others. No matter how big the donation, you feel a sense of happiness because you aren’t focusing on yourself.

This surprises me because I don’t feel like money can totally create someones happiness. But I can see how money can affect and determine how happy or unhappy someone is. I wish we could change that, and live more simply and not have to rely on materialistic things to create our happiness. And I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere that didn’t care so much about having the nicest or newest of things, because I think it would totally change how people view their lives, and be grateful for what they have. And to be able to feel true happiness.

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February 13, 2018 5:28 pm

Caliigh, I like you post very much and I find your post to very compelling. I also feel too that you can touch on college, like the U.S. and China are such dominant nations that pressure society to be successful in economic and educational education that many teens feel as if they are falling short. I think what you have is impacful and holds true to society and is worth writing about. I think as a society we should learn to accept one another and their should not pass judgement that is based on little matters, like we have bigger issues to look at like Global Warming! lol

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