California School Vaccination Requirement by Valarie

November 3, 2021


California School Vaccination Requirement

In the article, “California School Vaccination Requirement” (BTW), I learned that California is taking further precautions against covid- 19 by requiring students and staff of schools to be fully vaccinated by October 15. If they choose not to be vaccinated, they will have to be tested weekly. This requirement will impact “320,000 public school teachers, 80,000 private school employees, and more than 250,000 support, staff” Schoo volunteers will also have to follow this procedure.

Do you think the vaccine should be a requirement?

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I fully support the idea that California schools are requiring, students and staff to get the vaccine. It’ll make school a much safer place to be, with the chance of the virus being present. But I also like the idea that they respect people’s opinions since they aren’t forcing them to get it since they have the chance to be tested weekly.