In the article, “ California Gun Laws” I learned how suppresive California is when it comes to citizens wanting to possess firearms. With the purchase of a firearm comes a 10 day waiting period, if a citizen is to want to purchase a handgun they have to wait till they are 21. The state of California has limited the amount of rounds a citizen is allowed to have in a magazine which is 10, they also have a list of certified firearms citizens are able to purchase narrowing the choices and availability to consumers. As of 2001 handguns aren’t able to be manufactured in California. When a citizen purchases a handgun they are to wait 30-days before purchasing another handgun.

The State of California is slowly trying to remove firearms from citizens house holds. They forcfully push they’re agenda on media outlets trying to scare people from wanting to possess a firearm in their homes. The State of California claims that by banning weapons crime rates will plumit but the truth is by banning firearms it will only affect law abbiding citizens who possess firearms to protect and defend their family and homes. While criminals will continue to run free because the last thing they care about are laws and don’t possess firearms the legal way. 

As I continue to observe the news and media outlets the agenda the far left and Tyrannical Biden Administration are forcefully pushing the clearer the importance on the 2nd Amendments becomes. 

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February 22, 2024 4:33 pm

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