Shadow Box by Alex

October 4, 2017


Shadow Box

Shadow Box Artist Statement

Alex Tum


The objects in my Shadow Box represents my counter narrative. When people see me they might think that because I am a teenager that I might not do my work and that I am reckless. Most of the time it’s true. But not all the time. Sometimes I do my work and I get it done. If it’s something important that I have to do than I do it. When it’s time for me to get serious I do the work. The rubric in my Shadow Box shows that I can pass things if I chose to. I got a 2 in the rubric so I passed but I could try harder and pass with a higher grade. That’s my counter narrative because I am showing that I can get work done and that I can also can do better if I put my mind on it. Being a teenager is a assigned identity but trying to be a good treenager is a chosen identity. When I see myself sometimes I think that I am a reckless and a person who doesn’t care but then I also see that I can chose who I want to be and that I don’t have to let people decide if I am a bad person.

I am latino and my counter narrative is that I don’t only eat like tamales and tacos. I put the chicken because I also like chicken. Being Latino is an assigned identity and I am proud to be Latino. Some Latinos don’t make very good choices but that doesn’t meant that I do bad choices to. People get judged for the people actions that and that not good. Over all I just want to say that I am me and that no one can change who I am and if they don’t like who I am the have to deal with it because it is not them.