Becoming a nurse is my career goal, specifically I would like to be a pediatric nurse because I like children. Some things that I know that you need for sure to be able to be a nurse is that you need to have your high school diploma to start a college program. Also you need money to attend college, either personally or through scholarships. I really do not know much more about how to become a nurse.

I would like to know everything that I need to be a nurse, so I can qualify to apply for a nursing job. In the state of Texas, what are some quick ways to become a nurse? What is the most affordable way to study nursing? Like, is Austin Community College the quickest and cheapest way to learn nursing? How long do students have to study to complete their nursing degree? Is it a degree or is it just a certification necessary to be hired as a nurse?

“Applicants must provide documentation of immunizations at time of application. Students accepted into the program are required to have a physical examination and verify annual tuberculosis status. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) training must be completed prior to enrollment and maintained throughout the Associate Degree Nursing Program.”

After gaining experience providing nursing care for children, a pediatric nurse can take an exam to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse (CPN). To become a pediatric nurse practitioner, you will need to meet these requirements in addition to your RN:



  1. Hayley Galvez 7 months ago

    Dear lizeth,
    I really stuck between going into the nursing field or the criminal justice.What have you learned about being a nurse practitioner.The reason I asked is because I read that it deals with kids and I woulod love working kids in the medical field.

  2. Tatianna 1 year ago

    Dear lizeth, I think that your writing was and really is important because i think that it is really good to know that that you have to have all that stuff when you want to be a pediatric nurse. I really do think its important that you put that in your writing so people know that its not all easy and that they know what they need for it.

  3. Asnica 1 year ago

    Dear lizeth
    I want to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. I’m going to be going to a community college to do my generals because it’s cheaper then having to go to a university just to do my generals that everyone has to do.

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