Bullying is a serious problem at school, and every school should focus on this problem. I think most of the school did well on this part, but there‘s still a lot of students are being bullied everywhere. I watched a movie about bully a few days ago, and I cried so hard. At the beginning, a student who got bullied suicided at school, and those students around her body are taking pictures and send it to their group chat. The police come investigating for this case, those perpetrators didn’t feel sorry, and they keep bullying another student. But the law can’t do anything, because they’re teenagers. Even the teacher knew the problem, he just told the victim to bear for a while, because they’re almost graduate. So the victim choose to end herself life.

  This movie is a real story, and things like this still happening at school. Bullying can affect a person’s hall life, and those onlookers are perpetrators, too. I hope that there will be a perfect way to solve this problem in the future, maybe to enact laws for it, family and school education is pretty important, too.

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December 12, 2019 12:51 am

I agree, Bullying is a big problem and it needs more attention so the number of kids at schools being bullied will go down. Also because of this it can affect most kids bullied at a young age long term.

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