Memories by Sapphire

March 19, 2019



I remember
when I used to get all the attention on my block
I used to wear lovely dresses my grandmother bought me.
My hair was always done in bubbles and clips.
I remember when I tried to follow a figure skater
and I busted the middle of my head open.
I remember getting nine staples
people holding me down to close my cut.
I remember when I was the only grandchild
I used to get everything for Christmas
and traveled everywhere.
I remember when I used to cry so hard in preschool
when my mother dropped me off.
I remember when I laughed then cried
After seeing my baby brother's picture.
I remember sliding down the stairs with my cousins
until our butts hurt.

I don’t remember
when I used to stay up all night
with my parents and watch the sun rise.
I don’t remember when we drove more than 4 hours
To North Dakota.
I don't remember how I got my scars.