A place that represents me is Brooklyn because it’s really quiet and has nice people around where I live. Sometimes there are a lot of parties and too much noise at night that I can’t support because I want to sleep and rest for school. But at this point  I’m  used to it. Sometimes when I walk around I see a lot of trash in the streets and it smells so bad that I felt like I was sick . 

There is too much noise in the mornings because everyone is getting ready for work or school. A lot of people get up in the morning and just start working and I know this because my mom does that, she wakes up, showers, eats, and brushes her teeth then just goes straight to work for the bills. Brooklyn feels like a safe place to me because I have been living in that place for 14 years and I know everyone and all my neighbors . I have a lot of memories in Brooklyn, for example, one memory is going to the park, party’s, playing with the snow on the sidewalks, And hanging out with my friends after school. 

I had a lot of fun but now I can’t do anything because of this pandemic that is happening around the world. I like Brooklyn because it is just my area and I would never dislike it. Something Important about Brooklyn is hanging out with my family when we have trips or go somewhere. Something insignificant about Brooklyn is that there is too much trash on the sidewalks and the government needs to clean the trash. Brooklyn feels like my second country because everything is so calm and nice because the people are so friendly to me that they are my friends and I have known them for a lot of years.

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November 16, 2021 7:33 pm

As someone who only knows the perceptions about Brooklyn, the ones formed by the media and movies this is a very intriguing take on the city, Victor. You have greater knowledge than most, being someone who has lived there for 14 years. The way you confirm some preconceived notions makes it clear that Brooklyn isn’t glamorous, but your fondness for the city makes me see how it can be home. Thank you for opening up about the warm and personal topic of home and I can’t wait to read other posts you create!

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