How America Is Breaking Public Education

It is no secret that America’s education system is not the best. This can be clearly shown in our rankings in education subjects around the world. So, how exactly is America breaking its public education? One of the solutions installed to better our education system back in the early 2000s was having schools receive more funding based on higher test scores. This reform called “No Child Left Behind” has only had negative results in regards to children’s learning due to the fact that schools began valuing test scores over student’s education. “Test performance is now tied to both school funding, and the evaluation of teachers and administrators.” This could be an issue because test performance tied to school funding can lead to a cycle of problems. For example, schools in low income communities. Teachers that are well in their profession won’t necessarily choose these types of schools because it may be below their pay level or their academic level. So, low income schools, receive the not so good teachers leading to low performances on test leading to less funding and again leading to lower wages for teachers.

Teachers are also not see seemed as high ranking people in society which could lead to less educated and less professional educators. There is also the issue of not trusting educators to teach by giving them set guidelines on how they should teach each student, completely disregarding the fact that each student learns differently. Each student has a different way of learning. If each person with very distinct ways of learning are held accountable to the same standards, some if not most are bound to fail. But not only is this system dismissing the idea that students learn differently, it is also showing a lack of respect towards educators, because they aren’t trusted well enough to do their jobs “correctly.”

How can a broken system be fixed? We can start by reinforcing the fact that not all students learn the same into our reforms. Schools should be fully funded, everywhere, regardless of test performance. This in turn will keep teachers motivated to stick to educating students above all else. Give teachers desirable wages for the well qualified, and evaluating them based on a variety of objectives, not just standardized tests.

America was believed to be a great nation, but how can that be true if we aren’t properly educating our future leaders. Something must be done, because what we are doing now is not benefiting the well being of the future of our nation. Education is very important, might as well start doing it correctly.


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March 28, 2019 5:02 pm

Education is one of the most important topics that you could write about because as you said our country is not performing as well as it should. While I think Judge does a better job than most other schools at trying to educate each and every kid, for those other schools steps need to be made in the right direction. I am eager to hear about individual solutions to change our schooling systems besides the normal pay increase and government mandated programs. One of the hardest things is getting schools to acknowledge that people learn at different rates and different ways. I think a change would take a cooperative effort and would like to hear more of the information on this topic.

March 27, 2019 1:31 pm

This is a great article interpretation Patricia. It is something I really didn’t know a whole lot about before, but this demonstrated a very clear, concise analysis of this problem, that was very easy to grasp. I completely agree with your take that schools should receive funding regardless of test scores, as that would allow teachers to focus on education, rather than just test prep. I hope you continue your research in this topic, and update us on your results!

March 27, 2019 12:41 pm

Hi Patricia! I completely agree with your post about a broken education system. We see children being left in the dust, usually those of low income households, while a certain group of kids excel. Education is so important for the future of the world, like you said, and needs to be of the utmost importance in our nation if we want to have a prosperous future. You made a couple of statements in your post about our nation’s ranking and pay level, which I totally agree with, but could probably be strengthened by some statistics. Numbers are always persuasive. It also might help you to compare the United States to other countries’ education systems and see what works there that we could use. Here is an article that might help you out with that. Overall, great job!

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