The Importance of Your Morals

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives” –

Breaking Barriers


Jackie Robinson.Barriers are an inevitable part of life that challenge us both physically and mentally. Whether they are social, personal, or professional, barriers can be daunting, and finding the strength to face and overcome them requires integrity and determination. The story of Jackie Robinson, the first African American to break the color barrier in Major League Baseball, is an inspirational tale of resilience. Robinson’s journey, rooted in the values of courage and integrity , serves as a guiding example for those facing their own obstacles. In this essay, I’ll share barriers I’ve personally faced and how I adopted Robinson’s values to overcome it.

Facing my own barrier, I encountered a difficult period while pursuing my education. Balancing academics, extracurricular activities, and personal responsibilities became increasingly challenging, leading to feelings of burnout and self-doubt. At a pivotal point in my life, the weight of my schoolwork became an overwhelming burden, and every effort I put forth seemed in vain. This unenthusiastic mindset took a toll on my well-being, so I decided to quit getting up for school and isolate myself from everything social. I didn’t even speak to my family, and  I neglected my basic needs.During this time I had a lot of time to think. Instead of sulking I came to the conclusion that courage would become my guiding light, even when my world seemed to crumble around me. I started attending school again, not only to fulfill academic responsibilities but as a commitment to my personal growth. This new mindset  allowed me to confront and conquer my barriers.Making me the strongest version of myself – a person I couldn’t recognize in despair. I rediscovered the courage within, allowing me to rise above the challenges and emerge as a more determined and self-assured individual.

The value of courage inspired me to confront my fears and confront the overwhelming educational work that was ahead of me. It reminded me of Robinson’s unwavering bravery in facing racial discrimination and prejudice, providing a steadfast example to follow. I used courage to help with long-term success when facing short-term setbacks, like uncompleted work. Robinson’s commitment to breaking the color barrier reinforced the importance of courage and perseverance.

”Integrity” stood out as particularly significant. Embodying integrity allowed me to navigate through challenging situations while remaining true to my values.I believe that being just as bad as people who discourage you,  is no way to live. Michelle Obama once said “When they go low, we go high!”.I say this because, It will only leave you angry and unfulfilled. This is what I’ve learned from my middle school experience of being bullied.

In middle school day after day,I endured being taunted by people .Their words cut deep into my self-esteem. Eventually no amount of self-assurance in the mirror could convince me to get up in the morning. I remember the fateful day my mother told me something critical “the harsh words being said to me didn’t define my worth.”. In an instant a flame of newfound integrity ignited in me.. The understanding of my own value.  I came to realize that behind their cruel attitude , they too were dealing with their own battles, their own insecurities. It was in this understanding that I found the strength to forgive, not for their sake, but for my own peace of mind. 

If you’ve ever been in situations like this , being bullied or being the bully. Either way if you tap into your integrity you’ll find answers to questions you’ve been looking for , because It’s important to know yourself and who you want to be. Don’t let it be subjected to the actions of others. Robinson’s unwavering moral character amid racial slurs and discrimination demonstrated that staying true to oneself and maintaining personal principles are essential, even in the face of adversity. Robinson wouldn’t be such an outstanding character if he showed the racist the same anger they displayed onto him.

In conclusion, facing and overcoming barriers requires embodying integrity and drawing inspiration from influential figures such as Jackie Robinson. By adopting the values  of courage and integrity, individuals can confront and triumph over their own obstacles. As history has shown us, barriers can be dismantled with unwavering determination and a commitment to positive change. By embracing these values, we not only honor the legacy of Jackie Robinson but also contribute to a more inclusive and equitable future.

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