Life is always enjoyable when you are eating cold foods on a hot day, such as Ice cream, snow cones, slushies, etc. Those enjoyable moments can turn bad in an instant when you get that sharp sting to the front of the head that fails like a nail jamming into your toe called a brain freeze. How does brain freeze happen? And how can you be able to stop them when they inevitably occur?

A brain freeze is something that we’ve all had to experience at some point in our life. But what is? It’s quite simple, a brain freeze is a sharp throbbing pain to the front of the head that lasts for a couple of seconds and to some people even for a minute or two. It can happen quite easily too, just from breathing in cold air too quickly to eating the ice cubes from a fountain drink. “Some research has shown that sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia (better known as brain freeze) is more common in people who get migraine headaches.” Cleveland Clinic Medical Professional 02/15/2021.Brain freeze or ice cream headache can be very painful but thankfully it only lasts for a few seconds. You can avoid these ice cream headaches by never eating or drinking anything cold, but that is not fun nor refreshing. Stopping these headaches is simple, you can eat something warm right as you get to warm up your mouth’s temperature, stopping it instantly. As we get older we learn how to slow down when we eat/drink cold things, unlike children who get excited and rush while they eat their favorite popsicle or slushy. That is one of the reasons why children get them more than older people. Other remedies are to “cup your nose and mouth in your palm, blowing warm air outwards and upwards. This helps to warm up the roof of your mouth.” Victoria Frobev 11/03/2020. Even though you may think that looks weird, it’s more efficient than putting your cold tongue to the roof of your mouth thinking that it’ll heat up your cold mouth. Now you are a brain freeze-stopping machine go out and have fun eating soft serves to know you have the know how to properly stop and prevent a brain freeze.

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