Boxing vs. Covid-19 by Oriandy

September 30, 2020


Boxing vs. Covid-19

The world of boxing has been paired up against a very challenging contender, Covid-19. This is a sport that requires enormous amounts of dedication, discipline, practice, skill, technique, and strength. Every fighter, whether amateur or professional, is facing a very difficult time maintaining their athletic lifestyle due to many restrictions that were put in place in order to prevent further spread and keep everyone healthy. 

Of course, since boxing is a contact sport, it can get a little messy because of how much exercise people do and how sweaty they can get. Furthermore, when it comes to sparing or fights, someone is bound to get a bloody nose or busted lip. Gyms were closed down for a long period of time and boxers could not keep up with their daily routines. They have lost some of their technique and speed, therefore, catching up to where they used to be is going to be rough. 

Furthermore, all sanctioned fights, regional, state, or national, were either cancelled or postponed (with no definite dates), including the most recognized one of all, the 2020 Olympics.  Amatuer fighters are missing their chance to step up in the competitive environment and to be recognized for their hard work. As for professional boxers, their fights have been hard to comeby due to the safety precautions and concern for their audiences’ health. Not to mention the effects on the economic side of the sport. With people staying at home and practicing social distance, it will be hard for boxers, promoters, managers, etc, to get paid with the lack of audience. 

As of today, gyms are slowly opening up with precautions. Only a certain amount of people can come in at a time, some drills are not being practiced anymore, sparring has been limited if not temporarily cancelled, and all equipment is being washed down and sanitized more than it normally was. Amatuer fights are still postponed and waiting for Covid to minimize. Lastly, professional fights are supposedly going to take place soon with a limited audience and the required safety measurements. 

Boxing has faced tough times, but it will find a way to come back even stronger than before, with its athletes ready for more. Covid might have won this round, but the fight is not over yet.