Bruce Springsteen’s song, “Born In the USA” makes me ask: Are people actually going to help you in the bad times? If they can’t do it, what makes you think people would? It’s basically saying that when Bruce’s character offered he is served. He helped by winning the war, but the narrator got mad when he went back to nothing. Moving on with his life in the United States wasn’t an option for him. The way that the narrator describes his pain, for example, is when he says “I’m ten years burning down the road / Nowhere to run ain’t got nowhere to go.” He’s basically saying that ten years have passed and he still doesn’t have the things to get his life in order. This poem changed the way I view the United States because I never really understood that the United States can leave someone to suffer after they just helped them.

In the eight lines of the first stanza, the narrator was sent off to fight for the war against the Vietnamese, after having a bad argument in his home town. He never knew that there were going to be consequences. Springsteen’s narrator says: “Got in a little hometown jam / So they put a rifle in my hand / Sent me off to a foreign land / To go and kill the yellow man.

Before he says that he got sent to the war, he says “The first kick I took was when I hit the ground.” He knew his life was gonna be hard. He was afraid since the day he was born. After being sent to war, he came back and got rejected by the hiring man. He played the role of a use man and he was betrayed. This caught my attention because of how he helped in the war and didn’t get the serves needed to move on this his life. After the serves he provided to the USA they come out with nothing they don’t help him out.

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