In the article, Border Issues/Wilson Center I learned that the realistic and holistic approach to the border, the Mexico Institute focuses on issues of economic development and competitiveness and border security and citizen security and environmental sustainability, and quality of life in the border region. I learned that more than 80 million people in U.S. and six Mexican states were 2,000 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. and of the 80 million people 40% of these are being druged over to the U.S so that means that the number of swagger drugs from Mexico to the U.S


I think what is happening right now about the border issues is that it getting out of hand.  there are people crossing every day so that means the number is getting higher and that bad. over 80 million people cross to the u.s to Mexico in the Pacific Ocean right there said all about the border issues.

As I continue to learn border issues, I want to know more about the impact of the star stave level us and the invites on the drug flows.

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November 27, 2023 10:36 pm

Dear Alex, Your post made me feel worried about the people coming into the United States of America. It made me feel this way because 40% of 80 million is a lot almost half of 80 million, there should be something done because there should not be 40% of immigrants coming into the United States border.
Something I wonder is what caused so many people that try to enter the United States of America.
Cristian Lopez

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