My favorite place is a building and also a park located at 103 W 107th St, new york, NY 10025 Booker T. Washington was where I went to after school. From grades 1st – 8th grade i grew up there we grew close that was my 2nd family even tho they got on my nerves we were all close. No other site (afterschool) could get away with talking about us.

We use to do sports but i was on the track team.  I was one of the fastest girls in the program. We did this annual thing the battle of the sites known as SUMMER GAMES. It includes (Track, Long jump, Shot Put) everyone has to participate in it not just the track teams. I love racing but the starting pistol is what scares me. Then we have a peace march where the directors yell “1234” we have to yell back “peach is what we are march for”.

I love Booker T it smells like school lunch, all you see is kids and staff with there bright red shirts, you hear conversations or the pacer test. You taste school chocolate milk booker t is where you meet you life friends and i surely met mines.



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August 20, 2020 12:34 am

this place is really fun , lol when i first showed my face i was like its going to be boring but when i started to play tennis i started to enjoy myself

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