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   A single story are false perceptions we as a society form about individuals, groups, or countries. This single story usually creates an incomplete stereotype. When we create these stereotypes we change our behavior toward the person, groups or country. By trying to see both sides of the story we can understand what others are feeling, therefore helping us to respond to the situation at hand. For example the sensational vibraphonist Stefon Harris says “ what’s important is the mission behind the individual who’s utilizing the tool. My ultimate passion is about the proliferation of empathy.” What he meant by this is that in the end  of the day his instruments are just pieces of wood but what’s important is what he’s trying to display with his performance. Although a single story can cause stereotypes, a story in general oversimplifies things. According to economics professor Tyler Cowen we should be suspicious of stories because we tend to categorize them into good vs. evil. Although these stories help us simplify the meaning we shouldn’t get attached or let it govern our lives.

     On another aspect Stanford university researched that people who have had negative stereotyping about their race or ethnic background are more likely to engage in delinquent behavior or act out in a negative way. “Most people reject or overt racism today, but prejudice can exert its negative effects in more subtle ways.”(Stamford university). Meaning that subtle prejudice can affect people either way, if it’s on purpose or by accident. Stereotypes on people, groups or countries can have an effect on behavior that is negative. Because of this, we need to have empathy for both sides of the story. Without the single side of the story to govern our feelings and thoughts on persons, groups, or country.

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December 4, 2020 12:25 am

Dear Teresa,
I really liked your post! I like how you said, “By trying to see both sides of the story we can understand what others are feeling, therefore helping us to respond to the situation at hand.” I agree with you because it is important to form our opinions rather than just believe the stereotype or single story point of view. In addition, I like how you said that we need to understand each other’s feelings because it is important to have empathy in order to understand why someone behaves in some way, rather than assume the stereotype. By understanding someone’s feelings, we can respond in a respectful way and help them. Great job!

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