BLM vs Trump Supporters by Leo

June 11, 2021


BLM vs Trump Supporters

People on the right are storming the capitol and people on the left are getting attacked by the police. On the right they are holding trump flags and on the left they are holding nothing and getting attacked. On the left nobody is wearing a mask and they are wearing MAGA gear. On the right they are just wearing street clothes. I think that the police are the aggressors on the right but the trump supporters are the aggressors on the left. I think that it is unfair that they are treated differently because of their skin color.

THe protesters are just standing there and the rioters are rushing the police. The protesters are holding BLM signs and the rioters are holding a baseball bat. On the left they are wearing street clothes and on the right they are wearing army gear. I wonder why the rioters stormed the capitol. Also I wonder why there is much more police in riot gear for just some black people but there is barely and police facing the trump supporters.

I think that in America if you are black you will be treated differently by law enforcement. I think that the police are there to protect people for the most part but the system they are in has systemic racism which causes bad things to happen to minorities. 

I think that it connects to the fact that Fonny, a character in If Beale Street Could Talk, is treated unfairly.

I think that he is trying to say that color is not something we will hate somebody for on a human level it has more to do with politics.