BlackLivesMatter by Brittney

June 12, 2019



Black lives Matter is a political and social movement originating among African Americans, emphasizing basic human rights and racial equality for black people and campaigning against various forms of racism.During this period, people rallied for social, legal, political and cultural changes to prohibit discrimination and end segregation. Even my principal Tabari Bomani gave us multiple speeches about #BlacklivesMatter and that the goal of the black lives matter movement was to end segregation and secure equal rights for all Americans, no matter what their race or color.

Black Lives Matter has always been more of a human rights movement rather than a civil rights movement. Black lives Matter focus has been less about changing specific laws and more about fighting for a fundamental reordering of society wherein Black lives where blacks are being treated dehumanize. Black lives Matter because blacks black people are persons. From the founding of this country, throughout slavery, Reconstruction, the eugenics movement, and the civil rights movement, black Americans fought to establish themselves, first and foremost, as persons.

There are many of our black innocent people dying over stupidity. Losing their lives over racist cops that deserve to be locked up behind bars. Not thinking that these innocent people have their families to go home to that loves them. This is a problem to the community. Its starting riots between blacks and cops. People are protesting all over the city.

There have been many reactions to the Black Lives Matter movement. The U.S population’s perception of Black Lives Matter varies considerably by race. “All Lives Matter” has been criticized for dismissing or misunderstanding the message of “Black Lives Matter”.

Photo by Fibonacci Blue