Black Wall Street by Sianni

February 17, 2022


Black Wall Street

Hello, my loyal listeners, 

I’m back today to talk to you about one of America’s most horrific events. This is an incident that caused the death of around 300 residents. 9,000 of these residents were left homeless after the incident. 1,200 buildings were left completely destroyed. $50-100 million in property damage alone left unpaid. Yes! I’m referring to the massacre of black wall street. 

After reading The Massacre of Black Wall Street by Natalie Chang, Clayton Henry, and Marcelo Maiolo; I was experiencing mixed emotions. I tried to understand why the white woman would change her statement and tell the police that she was assaulted all of a sudden. The only explanation I could come up with, she was told to by a man. Society was and to some degree still is a straight white cismale dominated place. Does it not depict a tragic part of history that America tries to hide and brush under the rug as if it never happened quite well? 

I’ve learned to appreciate entrepreneurs, especially black ones much more. So should all of you! They have so many obstacles in their way. Investors rarely choose to give black people chances. White men actually were so jealous of Black success that they burned and murdered an entire community. 

Honestly, you should all give it a chance and read it yourselves. Write to me about what you think. I know I absolutely loved it and this isn’t a paid promotion, I sadly make no money from praising the art skills or literacy greatness of it. But it really is one of a kind.