Black Wall Street Egalitarianism by Chester

February 23, 2022


Black Wall Street Egalitarianism

Executive Director
Atlantic Ventures
The Atlantic
ATTN: Hayley Romer
60 Madison Avenue
6th Floor: The Atlantic
New York, NY 10010

Dear Brad Girson,

In this world, the color of our skin defines us.
We struggle to survive each day because of our melanin, how will we adjust?

Targeted because we are royalty, psychological bounties are placed on our self-being.
Jealous white mayo packets hate our black beauty, and in their minds, we’re always mean.

We always get complaints about the way we talk or the culture that we share.
But the same ones that complain take our looks and steal our culture, it’s just too much to bear.

It seems like we can’t have anything, whether it be our culture, business, and/or lives.
But once we do something that they think mimics their thievery, we’d have to stand up and fight.

White people are not the only racist beast that consumes the energy of hate in this world.
We’ll also be looked down upon by people of color or light-skinned people that think they are a part of some white and black swirl.

Whenever we build ourselves up there will always be someone to knock us on our feet.
But whatever we seem to do it’s like the requirements we do never meet.

But as the black Kings and Queens we are, we shall never falter.
We make and choose our own paths and destinies, we make our fall softer.

So when those nine thousand people that had no place to stay gave up I believed in them and I manifest that by greatness their souls be touched.

We all have a place in this world, no matter how you look or how you are
But we will always face the prejudice and racist challenges that are near or far.