Decisions by Bella

November 1, 2019



I was born on December 23, 2001, as Isabella Griffith. I’m currently 17 years old and go by Bella. I was born in the big state of Texas with my Mom, Dad and younger brother. Throughout my years of living, I have always been an athletic child. I started off doing Taekwondoe to gymnastics to wrestling to powerlifting. But then, one day everything changed. I got super sick and was unable to do anything relating to exercise.

In school, I particularly like science courses, such as biology and anatomy. I used to do one extra-curricular activity, for which I loved dearly- Wrestling. My athletic days weren’t just in high school, I was doing multiple sports at once throughout my childhood. You’d think I’d want to be a coach or something related to sports, but instead I want to be in the medical industry!

My high school career as been hard. At least in my opinion… I honestly don’t know how I’m already a senior. I don’t know how I made it this far. I don’t even know if I’ll graduate. From doing drugs to drinking to shoplifting, I’ve been through a lot. But it has shaped me into the mature person I am now. But unfortunately, I ruined my grades and GPA just by making a few bad decisions.