Biden’s Commitment Towards the Funding of Mental Health Programs by Alexis

September 28, 2021


Biden’s Commitment Towards the Funding of Mental Health Programs

In the article, “Biden Provides Mental Health Funding For Kids” (McGraw Hill) I learned that with the Covid-19 pandemic many kids have experienced mental health problems as they have been incapable of participating in sports and other activities. Currently, the Biden administration has agreed to spend $85 million in federal funding to address this issue as around 20 percent of children in the United States experience some sort of mental health issue each year. Out of these 20 percent, only one-fifth of them receive the appropriate care towards this and is even lower for children of color. When it comes to where the funding will come from, most of it will come from grants from places like ProjectAWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resilience in Education), The Children’s Mental Health Initiative, and American Rescue Plan, which is funded from federal tax dollars. The Pediatric Mental Health Care Access Program will receive $10.7 million from American Rescue Plan funds and will be able to expand from 21 states to 42 states. $74.2 million from grants will go towards schools to help fund training school personnel to identify mental health disorders so that programs could help with the appropriate care and treatment. In general, many people agree that this is a good start and that money is going to the right places.

I think that what the Biden administration is offering is important as it will be beneficial towards many kids as Covid-19 has had a toll on the majority of kids’ mental health. With programs like this along with the reopening of schools and student interaction, will allow students to destress and once again hope everything goes back to normal. Kids began to have mental health issues due to the lack of activity they had from certain extracurricular activities along with sports in which was very limited during the pandemic. With the funding of mental health programs dedicated towards children, they will finally be able to feel joy and gain motivation that had been lost while doing online school.

Do you think that mental health funding should stay the same, be increased, or be decreased?