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1.In the text, “Biden’s Border Crisis is “Overwhelming”. The Central Idea is that Biden is to blame for the issues on the border and why they are rising. One piece of evidence to prove this is “The Crisis has set records for arrests of illegal border crossers” This helps the central idea because the arrest of illegal border crossers have risen which is one of the way that border issues are rising. Another piece of evidence is “There has been an increase in migrant deaths at the border” This second piece of evidence from the article also supports the central idea because the reason why it is Bidens fault because since the migrants are trying to sneak in fentanyl they usually die because how dangerous the drug it is and the reason why they have been increasing because of Biden lack of control on the border which they gives the cartels the green light to push in more drugs into the united states. The third piece of evidence there was to prove that the Biden Administration is at fault for the issues on the border is “The Biden Administration removed deterrent-focused immigration policies and border enforcement tools”. This last piece of evidence is the most important evidence because it really shows how the Biden Administration has weakened the border patrol from doing their job which is securing the border. They took the tools that the border patrol used to control the issues and since they took them away the chaos has grown to the point that that many of the representative of the republican party do not know how to describe the issues. In Conclusion this is why this the Central Idea that “ Biden is to blame for the issues on the border and why they are rising.”. This three pieces of evidence proves the Central Idea.

2.My Reaction on it blaming biden I think it is unfair for the republicans just to blame him. The republicans also have the power to change the policies that biden is taking away and adding to the border issues. So basically it not just bidens fault because it everyone who has power in congress to change the policies and come up with answers to change but since they argue a lot they do not get a lot done.

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December 12, 2023 5:37 pm

Dear cristian
Your post made me think that it right that biden is blame for the border issues. why becuase he the one that see what going on and he not doing noting about it but then he star to blame that it a border issues.Something I wonder is it going to be the same or it going to be difference.

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