Bias in Immigration Policies by Sarah

February 13, 2017


Bias in Immigration Policies

After my research proposal, I have begun actual research. On the gale database, I found two very informative articles. The first article is a rundown of immigration history in the United States. In Immigration and Immigrants, the article begins with the very first immigration policy which prohibited immigration of prostitutes and convicts. It also required that Asians get consent to enter the United States. This marks the very beginning of discriminatory policies against immigrants. It shows that there was an anti-immigration sentiment against Asians from the beginning. Although there has been progress. After World War 2, there was support for human rights including demands for refugee admission. As time progressed, the United States has created quota systems that allow for less bias in their policies. This article simply shows that the history of immigration policies has always had a slight racial bias.

The second article, Illegal Immigration Is Not Increasing Crime Rates, shows what type of racial bias is present and how we can dispel this bias with the facts. The article goes over how many Americans believe immigrants are dangerous people and that is why we shouldn’t let them in. We find out in this article that in fact white men are five times as likely to be incarcerated than immigrants. This shows how Americans have no real reason for disliking immigrants. Many anti-immigration groups have no data to back up their claims, but with so many false claims, the public has begun to go along with these longheld misconceptions. This article shows just one way the United States has a bias towards immigrants and hence how it can affect policies. I am excited to find out more and hope to uncover the bias within immigration policies.

Photo by Elvert Barnes