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For many people America is an amazing country where people have free will and can be anything their heart desires. They have rights to protect them, a government that cares about them, and the privilege of feeling safe. These people typically view America with great pride and patriotism. I am not those people and neither are most Americans. Being an American is not always as amazing as it is explained to be.

Though America has more to offer than many other countries, it is quite far from perfection. Perspective plays a huge role in how we see the world. A white male has a much different perspective on life than any one person of color, or woman. Also, age plays a factor. Different generations go through different things that shape their lives and ideals. 

In my mind, America does not have a defined culture of its own. Our culture is just a mix of multiple group’s cultures. Many would refer to our country as a “melting pot in which different cultures have contributed their own distinct flavors to American culture.” (Zimmerman 5)  Other countries cultures are typically full of food, celebrations, clothing, and more. America food is “hamburgers, hot dogs, potato chips, macaroni and cheese, and meatloaf” (Zimmerman 14).  Most of the things we eat aside from our unhealthy American food, are (or are derived from) Mexican, Asian, Indian, and Italian cuisine. Something we do have is national holidays such as labor day, memorial day, presidents day, and more. These are things that many people celebrate nationwide and they often get a day off of work or school for these occasions.

American creeds are deemed as an accurate representation of our country, These also go hand in hand with our values. Some things that are emphasized are” life liberty and pursuit of happiness” (U.S. Const. Preamble) and “a perfect union… established upon those principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity” (Page 1) This take on the American creed was inaccurate because even our country stresses these matters continuously, they do not occur for everyone. This leaves our country an unfair and judgemental place. Discrimination against groups of people is, and always will be an issue because it is impossible to make everyone see the importance of equality. There will always be those crooked people only here to poison the world with their messed up ideals. When power is given to these types of people they can do a lot of damage, and since our justice system continues to fail us justice is hardly ever served. 

Overall, America is a country of broken promises, and despite how it is portrayed it is not as amazing as it seems for every inhabitant. There are many changes needed to happen in order for America’s reputation to precede them. We need to offer the values we continue to worship as our policy to everyone despite their demographics. Though this will never be a reality, we need to continue to fight for freedom and equality in order to get our country as equal as it possibly can be. 

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October 27, 2020 7:02 pm

Definitely. LIfe experiences are so important to how we see the world, our perspective. Everyone has a different view of the world which makes it hard for us to agree, but despite our differences working to form a better country, a more equal one, can only improve our way of life.

October 27, 2020 5:51 pm

I completely agree with the points you brought up. Everyone’s perspective and beliefs about the American dream are different because we all have different backgrounds and experiences. Some people may not believe the American dream exists. I believe that our different stories and opinions make this country stronger. Like you explained, America will never be perfect, but everyone must keep fighting for justice and changing. That is the only way our democracy will survive.

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