One land animal: a fearsome predator, often underestimated due to its depiction as a common children’s’ toy, the teddy bear. Another, a sea-dweller: the fiercest fish in the ocean, but one that cannot swim backwards. A forever pondered-upon question is the query of bear vs shark. Given a completely level playing field, with enough water for the shark to swim unhindered and little enough water for the bear to move unencumbered, who would win the epic showdown? There are three reasons why a bear would win the fight: the bear has trained its whole life to catch and kill fish to eat, the bear has five weapons compared to the shark’s one weapon, and the bear has the ability to take advantage of the lack of any defenses for the shark.

Bears eat fish as food, and a shark is simply a glorified fish, nothing more. Therefore, sharks are gourmet bear chow. Bears, in fact, have multiple strategies for catching fish as food: they can stand or sit and wait to surprise an unsuspecting fish, they can run out into the river to pin one down, and some bears even swim like a snorkeler might in order to catch the fish. Bears must be adept at catching fish in order to survive, and a shark is simply a bigger fish, so it is a more complicated version of what a typical bear must do anyway every day in order to survive.

The bear has five weapons: its front right paw, back right paw, front left paw, back left paw, and mouth with powerful jaw and teeth. The shark only has its teeth within its mouth, nothing more. Though the shark does indeed have more teeth inside of its mouth, it is still a single weapon, compared to the five weapons of the bear. In this situation, the bear will outnumber the shark in terms of defenses by four. Thus, a bear is significantly advantaged in a fight between the bear and the shark, and would be able to conquer the shark easily.

Although some may say that a shark is more brutal and bloodthirsty than a bear, it lacks the proper defenses for a fight. For example, sharks can only swim forward, so if the bear attacks from the back, the shark is completely and utterly defenseless and cannot possibly win. A shark also has no outer fur to protect itself from blows. If the shark is struck hard, it will likely bleed until it bleeds out. As such, the shark has too few defenses to be properly prepared for a battle of this magnitude, whereas the bear is more agile and has protective fur, allowing it to win.

In summary, in a fair battle between a bear and a shark, a bear would win, because the bear has trained its whole life to catch and kill fish to eat, the bear has five weapons compared to the shark’s one weapon, and the lack of any defenses for the shark. This oft-pondered question can now be put to rest, as it has been finally answered. Beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt, the bear would win the fight with the shark.


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March 30, 2017 3:25 am

This is very well organized. It has a nice thesis at the beginning that you manage to stick to throughout. I am fully convinced a bear would be a shark in a battle to the death. However, if I were given the choice to either fight a bear or fight a shark, I would choose bear without hesitation. The reason is because we are totally helpless in the water. Once we step into the water we are no longer the apex predator. Also because its a loose loose situation and I would rather die feeling like I am fighting for my life and have a chance for survival rather than be completely helpless.

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