In the article “Anticipating Back-to-School Shopping” I have learned that there has been a boost to the economy for back to school shopping, that there are good amount of reasons as to why this had happened and why it’s important but also reasons as to why it can affect back to school shopping in a negative way. The National Retail Federation has said that they expect people overall to spend $790 per family which obviously is a lot if you count everywhere from the United States. Also, the good things that come out of this are that Biden had given out child taxes which gave everyone up to $3,000, another thing was that retail stores can have higher sales now because during the pandemic their school was limited so back to school shopping wasn’t really needed. Now the reason why this is all important is because it can positively affect the economy in the nation. Like I mentioned there are downsides to this which are that families may do more online shopping due to COVID-19 and that it can lead to the shortage of supplies needed. 

Do you think back to school shopping is as important to the economy?x

I am overall conflicted about this situation because yes it is a good thing that the economy is getting better but its also upsetting to see how much COVID-19 has affected the economy as well as many families. Back to school shopping wasn’t really something that was needed throughout covid/quarantine so now it must be really exciting / important to children and their families. 

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September 21, 2021 2:57 pm

“Like I mentioned there are downsides to this which are that families may do more online shopping due to COVID-19 and that it can lead to the shortage of supplies needed.” I like this summary that states the main idea of your articles. There is an increase in the sales in the retail store because of the opening of school but during the pandemic, people don’t need to shop a lot for school. But I don’t understand the negative effect of school opening sales. Is it because it cost more money to family for school? Or because it causes a shortage of supplies? I like your number to emphasize how much it cost for school shopping. These are data of the increased rate of sale that may help back up the point. Something I learned from my economics class is that demand increases supplies. In the last year of the pandemic, students weren’t in school, so they didn’t need to buy tangible materials. Therefore, retails have many surpluses that they can use for now. If the stock isn’t enough, sale drives the production, storage wouldn’t be a problem. This is a good promotion on economic. I would like to read more about how many portions of differents classes families spent on their children’s school materials. Or is there any policy to help out families that need help?

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