AVTR the car of the future? by Casey

January 21, 2020


AVTR the car of the future?

Within society today we face more complex problems everyday. One of our biggest problems is the amount of pollution we create and put into our air. According to Linda C. Brinson someone who studies the air quality and pollution we create “75% of our carbon monoxide pollution comes from cars.” Mercedes Benz AVTR is an intelligent self driving all electric vehicle. The purpose of the AVTR is to provide easy travel on top of preventing any automobile related pollution. 

You may be asking yourself, if the AVTR is electric how is it going to charge without any pollution being created in the process? According to the Mercedes website the AVTR features a graphene-based organic cell chemistry which completely rare, toxic, and expensive earth material’s. This translates to lower prices for the buyer as well as the elimination of gas saves a significant amount of money.  

Not only does the AVTR eliminate the problems modern day cars bring, yet it does it at the same time as being one of the most efficient electrical vehicles. The AVTR has a 700 kilometer range or 430 miles. Compared to modern day cars this is an improvement of about a 100 mile range. To further increase the range Mercedes is looking into their new promising neuromorphic hardware which makes sure the sensors, lights, and any other electric features in the car other than the motors and battery are pulling as minimal energy as possible saving a significant amount. 

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Casey Pratts