Australia’s Warm Winter by Ben

January 20, 2020


Australia’s Warm Winter

There have been thousands of fires in Australia since July and it has only just been reported on.  Hundreds of brush fires have been lit and continue to burn and as Australia enters its driest months, the number of brush fires is likely to increase.  Because Australia is south of the equator, when it is winter here in America, it is summer in Australia making the air dry and causing droughts, and leading to a higher risk of fire.  These fires affect not just humans, but also the diverse ecosystems in Australia, changing lives forever.

The BBC reported that around 30 people have died in these fires and over 3,000 houses have been completely destroyed.  Of course, these fires can completely change lives and can set many families back, uprooting their lives. These families have to find new places to live which is can be hard and expensive.  Some brush fires get so bad that whole towns/villages get burnt to a crisp. 

The total annihilation of human settlements is not the only thing affected by brush fires.  When reporting about the fires, CNN also included a segment about the wildlife in those areas.  They reported that over 500 million animals have been affected by the fires.  The fires burn their habitats and destroy them. Millions of these animals have perished at the hands of the brush fires.  These fires affect everything in Australia, whether it’s big or it’s small.