Day 01
I have never labeled myself as a ‘good writer’. This is mostly because I don’t often write; not because I don’t like to, but because I simply don’t have time. I think that I would achieve ‘good writer’ status if wrote regularly and allowed myself to take time to culminate ideas. I will use these entries to explore how I create new ideas and my preferred styles of writing.

Day 02
It is currently 11:49 PM. You may be thinking that I am just another procrastinator who tries to finish assignments last minute, but that’s not the case. I tried to write an entry after school, but I couldn’t. Then I came back to it before dinner, and the gears in my head were still not turning.
But now, now is when the bizarre ideas intrude into my thoughts. When, what should I wear to school tomorrow? turns into, what if dreams are actually real life and reality is when we are dreaming?
It makes me wonder if I am actually most productive at night, or if it’s just when the symptoms of a bad case of sleep deprivation start to shine through.

Day 03
These entries give me flashbacks of my second grade self. I would write in a diary just about every night, talking about my day or something that I was thinking about. This is when I first understood how powerful writing is. It is a stress reliever. It is powerful. It is exhausting; but the final product is a masterpiece. My go-to style of writing (and reading) is short and sweet. I prefer phrases that have deep meanings over a drawn-out paragraph.

Day 04
There are times when I try to convey an idea on paper but it does not come out right. I often delete multiple sentences as I try to find the perfect words. The words must flow yet still be bold enough to catch attention. I wouldn’t call my indecisive nature a flaw, but it definitely makes writing more time-consuming.

Day 05
I have been inspired recently by my brother’s music. It is amazing how his lyrics flow so easily with the melody that he creates. Some of his songs are fictional, but others express deep emotion and I really enjoy connecting with them. One of my favorite lines that he has ever written is, “What will goodness really win you when subconscious action solely rules you”. I don’t even necessarily know what it means, however, these lyrics resonate with me. My brother’s lyrics make me want to write more, so that I can improve and be able to create a true form of art along with him.




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