Athletes Mental Health by Lesly

November 28, 2021


Athletes Mental Health

In the article “Raising Their Voices: Sports stars are speaking out about their mental health. Will their advocacy help younger athletes?” I learned that athletes are now speaking up about their mental health. Athletes have recently opened up about their mental struggles and the stresses of competing and living in front of the cameras. People assume that they are strong in every way because they are athletes. But they are human too and they have feelings and emotions. Most of them are under so much pressure and they are stressed out.

I think what is happening is very important to acknowledge. Mental health is very important. It is hard to express your feelings if people believe that athletes are not supposed to show signs of anything that would impact their physical or mental health, because we expect them to perform with such great strength and skill. The good thing is that athletes are increasingly speaking up.

What do you think? Should athletes keep speaking up?