Athlete paychecks by Saray

November 7, 2021


Athlete paychecks

 In the article, “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay” I learned that there is a debate whether or not athletes in college should be getting checks. Many people believe they shouldn’t get paid because they receive scholarships in exchange. They also think giving them checks will ruin their education because the sport will come before school for the athletes. The decision falls in the hands of a California law that permits athletes to hire agents and make money. With that congress considered taking a second look at the debate. 

Should college athletes accept payments?

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I think that everyone can have their own decision in this debate. It depends on how people view things. In my opinion, I think they work hard earning money for the university and it’s not fair they cant receive any payments in return. I don’t think education will take a back turner. Athletes should understand they are committed to a sport but should also make as much time for school since that comes first. 

Should college athletes accept payments?