Hook Who am I?
Background Info I like to walk around I like wearing black clothing.
Thesis Based on my life experience, I feel that the 3 parts of my identity that have affected my life the most is being male being a walker and being African American.


Paragraph 1 – male


Claim My identity is that im Male.
Dominant Narrative Because I am male, people assume that I am  tall and I am strong . People also assume that I am athletic.
Counter Narrative But, I am a little strong but not that much and I am not that athletic. It does not make me less of a man.
Conclusion In conclusion, my identity is that I am male.


Paragraph 2 – walker

Secondly, my identity is that I am a walker. People might assume that I am an athlete.People might assume that I am a outside person. People might assume that I am a person who plays a lot of sports. But, I sometimes hang out when I walk.Also when I walk I play basketball.When I walk around I like to play sports.I like to do different things when I walk. My identity is that I sometimes like to walk.

Paragraph 3- African American


Claim Another identity that I have is that I am African american. and my family is African american. and my ethnicity is from Northern California.
Dominant Narrative A dominant narrative is that my race is Black. my ethnicity is that I am from Northern California. and I am american.
Counter Narrative My counter narrative is that I am not that rich and not that poor.
Conclusion My conclusion is that I like my identity as a African-American.




thesis My full identity is that I like to walk around sometimes. I like to wear black clothing.
Review main points My identity is that I like to wear black clothing and I like to walk around sometimes I also like to sleep.
Final point This is my full identity. This is what I like to do. This is who I am.


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