The first two posts I have done on this topic have been relatively negative and have outlined the possible side effects of artificial intelligence. This post will have more of the opposite; AI has and will have a positive effect on all of society and in the hands of benevolent people that is all it will be designed for.

I have researched further on the topic of AI through EBSCO and the first article I read talked about the creation of a robot, Cozmo, for the intention of bridging the gap between robots and humans in a world that is advancing rapidly in the field of AI. The toy was given a personality so that young children can develop a relationship with it. The company’s main goal is to get on good terms with the parents across the nation, as these toys are being given to this next generation on terms on their parents.

Another interesting article I read talked on the topic of robots and astronomy. The time, effort, and manpower that goes into the studying of space is very extensive and the implementation of machines in this field would be very effective and time efficient. A computer intelligence’s lack of mistakes could lead to groundbreaking discoveries and would allow humans to work on more difficult tasks that computers aren’t capable of completing.

After going further into the EBSCO database sources I found another, less optimistic article on the regulation of AI. It talks about the regulations that could be placed and should be placed on the evolution of AI. An obvious utilization of AI would be in war like scenarios; it seems as if robot warfare would be a safer and more effective form of warfare, but it would ultimately lead to other scenarios dominated by machines.

It is hard to tell where we are going with artificial intelligence, but it can be anticipated that there will be positives and negatives that come from it. The bottom line is that there should be regulations set on it.

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