Today, one term is becoming increasingly popular: AI or Artificial Intelligence. What is the meaning of AI? There is a definition given by BBC news: “Artificial intelligence is about creating a computer mind that can think like humans”. Machines that think like humans may scare some people. In some movies, the robots may dominate the humans. Realistically, a lot of jobs can be taken by robots. This will lead to a large increase in unemployment. But, in my opinion, Artificial Intelligence can change our lives and make our lives more convenient. The benefits of AI already outweigh the negative effects.

When you wake up, you may speak to your phone and ask it, “What is the weather today”? When you want to call your mom, you may speak to your phone and let it help you to call your mom. This makes our lives more efficient and effective. When your are bored, you can talk with the AI robot, although they are not really good at that. Sometimes, AI does a better job than human, because human may get tired and bored, and then they may make mistakes. AI does not get tired and does not make mistakes. Humans need rest; AI does not need rest. This means that AI can work longer hours than humans. In order to maximize efficiency, a lot of firms may choose to use AI robots.

When firms choose to use AI, it means that they will not need so many workers. This will lead to unemployment, which we do not like. With industrialization, many people lost their jobs. Now our lives are becoming better and the unemployment caused by industrialization is not a problem or concern. Unemployment is decreased with the development of society. AI is still developing. I believe that, in the future, AI can bring more benefits and that it will become an important part of our daily lives.

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