It is no secret that artificial intelligence has become a really big thing in the world. To some it’s a great thing; but, to others it can be quite scary and worrisome. Artificial intelligence has indeed helped us in many ways but it is also a threat; here is why.


In the movie “I, Robot” starring Will Smith his character Detective Del Spooner tries to convince people that a robot has killed a human. In the movie the world they live in has robot helpers, these robots live by three rules that they must always obey to keep humans safe. The robots are known and programmed to never hurt a human, much less kill one so when Detective Del Spooner accuses one of murder nobody believes him. Detective Del Spooner goes on a journey to prove his claim and in the end he was right. In the movie the robots start killing other robots and plan to take over the world. This movie is a perfect example as to why robots and other types of artificial intelligence are such a big threat to us. Many people find it mind blowing when someone even mentions the fact that something that is made of metal and that we ourselves created can take over the world. If you really think about it you can see how possible it really is. We don’t know what robots are capable of just like we don’t know what we are capable of. What if we create something in the future that can seriously threaten humanity and we can’t undo it and take it back.


It’s a crazy thought but we will probably most likely be replaced. We are only in 2018 and artificial intelligence has already taken a lot of peoples jobs; now imagine what the future is going to be like. Writer and photographer Kevin Kelly says this in Better Than Human: Why Robots Will – And Must – Take Our Jobs, “…before the end of this century, 70 percent of today’s occupations will likewise be replaced by automation.” Many years ago when people started creating robots and all sorts of artificial intelligence I am more than sure that they never thought that one day they would serve as a replacement for most of us. Maybe they did intend to create something to substitute some pieces of work equipment such as some machines used in factories. They probably made some robots to serve as a replacement in jobs to help us for the better; you know, to do the part of a job that something that isn’t human is more qualified for. Robots and artificial intelligence should be helping us do our jobs not taking them from us. It’s already sad when somebody doesn’t get the job that they wanted, it’s even more sad when somebody can’t get a job because a piece of metal is better at the job than them. Humans are the ones in need of money, we have families to support and we can’t afford to waste time going around to try and find a job that we are qualified for and that will satisfy us financially.


In the end the big issue is that if we don’t do anything to change other peoples mind about the uprising of robots and artificial intelligence we won’t be able to thrive like we all planned to. We need to realize and make others realize how dangerous a robot can be; we have no idea what they will have the potential to do in the future and we need to be more careful. We don’t want to struggle anymore financially so we need to become aware of the harm that we are doing to ourselves right now and to all of the future generations to come.


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