Art Keeps It Interesting by Christopher

October 10, 2019


Art Keeps It Interesting

My name is Christopher. I was born in 2002, on June 23rd, so that makes me 17 years old. I’ve lived my whole life in New York, bouncing from place to place a few times in life, but I finally settled in the Bronx for a good eight or so years. Important things to know about me are that I’m pretty quiet and I’d rather not talk if possible, I’m really forgetful, and I don’t like being the center of attention. My life has been quiet and fine for the most part so I really don’t know what to say  about a turning point, besides a random loss of interest of school in my sophomore year in high school.

I’m not sure what I like about school yet, though when I was at Bronx Law the only class I ever liked was art. I’m not the best at drawing but I drew a few good things when I was there. I’m self taught and have been drawing for 4 years now so that explains why I’m not so good…yet. When I’m out of school I usually play my xbox or draw the whole day.

I feel safe walking down the street in my community. The streets are safe most times but there is the rare chance of an old lady just yelling at a teen for bumping into her by accident, a few verbal fights, and if there is a fist fight it’s usually quick but that’s rare to see. There were two thieves the last month robbing someone that was somewhat close to where I live and that’s been the first I’ve ever heard of something like that happening in the eight years I have been there. So the streets are usually fine but fights and danger do happen. It’s just rare.