Argument Comments on Genetic Engineering by Valeria

June 2, 2017


Argument Comments on Genetic Engineering

Answering to:

“Why I say yes to Genetics in Agriculture?”

Dear William,

I do really agree with you that genetics in our foods is good thing, one reason I say that is because it made food more easier for people to get there hands on food. It’s true, that our population is growing so much and so fast and it made food less scarce for us. Another reason why I agree with you is because like you said it’s easier and cheaper it would be a whole expensive if we had to plant more and more food for a growing population.

Answering to:

Dear Mariah,

“Taking a position on GMOs.”

I am shocked with your post, “Taking a Position on GMOs”, because before reading this letter I thought GMOs were safe. I had read many positive things about GMOs, like, it’s easier and cheaper to make more food for growing population than to plant a lot more crops. Also, I had heard that they were safe but I guess it was an article or it was a person that was agreeing with GMOs because they did not write down the negative affects about them. After reading your post I feel like I wouldn’t be able to eat a genetically modified organism like, food.