Are zoos bad for animals? by Mijin

November 22, 2019


Are zoos bad for animals?

When I am going to the zoos, I can see lots of various animals and I feel that animals in zoos don’t feel comfortable and they want to go back to the place they used to live. I have never thought about the pros of zoos because I thought there are only cons of zoos. These days, there are ethical issues with animals and many people are interested in the issues. Some people do the activities for animals such as not going to the zoos, using the products without animal tested, and being vegans. Through the article and journal, we are able to know the pros and cons of zoos and how they impact on animals.

According to the journal,‘The Pros and Cons of Zoos Explored’, the author says: “This means that if they experience any health concerns, they can be assisted by vets almost immediately. This is extremely important for some of the world’s rarest animals, whose own survival and the survival of their offspring is vital. As well as providing breeding programs, animals can be regularly assessed for parasites, infectious diseases, and cancers”. The author also explains: “For example, an Orca in the wild can survive as long as 100 years, yet in captivity, they typically don’t reach 30 years of age. This illustrates that the Zoo environment does not always succeed”. According to the article, ‘Hundreds of zoos and aquariums accused of mistreating animals’, the author says: “The report said Cango Wildlife Ranch ‘offers visitors the chance to pet cheetahs and servals in an enclosed yard, taking selfies with the animals under the supervision of staff members’”.

By reading these articles, I learned that animals would feel uncomfortable to be in zoos because they can’t move well due to the size of the cage and they would lose their hunting skills by getting food from the staff at zoos. However, they can take advantage of being zoos like they can take veterinary care and don’t need to worry about their food. There are lots of pros and cons for animals but I think we don’t have the right to decide the animals should be in zoos. So, if animals lost their family or were close to death by other predators, humans can rescue them but humans can’t bring them to make the zoos.