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Whats the type of world that we live in?

Everything is digital now and days. Now every classroom has computers for students to work on rather than pen and paper. To an extent, it is great to have students work with technology because it’s growing bigger and bigger each and every day. Yet there are some instances where the internet isn’t a good place.

For starters, the growth of the internet has gifted us with so much knowledge. Now just by typing a couple of words into a search bar, you could access so much in a matter of seconds. Rather than going to a library and spend hours after hours searching for one book. It has also created a space for many people to keep in touch especially those that live great distances from each other.

We only ever see this side but we must acknowledge the effects it has on everyone. No one is talking to each other anymore or interacting. Everyone is glued to the little device in their hands. Posting selfies and updates of their life. We do all this just to get the approval of the public but with this, it could damage people. This can create massive anxiety for any human being.




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