At the beginning of time we believed that we were blessed beings and the only life was on Earth. As time has progressed, people began to challenge this belief and question if there is life on other planets. These people were usually exiled and ignored. Even with all of the scientific advancements we have made throughout the years, we haven’t found any other life. This doesn’t mean there isn’t other life out there though. We have only personally visited the moon and sent a rover to Mars. Although we have high powered telescopes and other technology, that isn’t always enough to search a planet completely. All of this research is only inside our galaxy as well. We haven’t been able to search outside the Milky Way galaxy.

On the side of the argument that we are the only life in the universe, we have never seen any other life even after thousands of scientific advancements countless years of exploration. Many scientists state that we should believe in facts and not hopes. We should rely on what we know and not what we think we know. They also state that life doesn’t sprout and come up randomly with Earth being a very rare acception. If there was older life out there, we would think that they would have made scientific inventions advanced enough to make contact with Earth. Through our discoveries throughout the year we have found that Earth is very unique in its capability of life. Other planets are very gaseous and incapable of any life close to human life.

On the other side of the argument, that there is other life out there or that there is a possibility of life coming to existence off of Earth, is one that picked up traction later into history. After people finally opened up their minds to the possibility of humans and Earth not being the focus of the entire universe, ideas and thoughts of life outside of our planet began to spread.  Scientific research from 2013 announced that the Milky Way may harbor billions of planets that have liquid on them. This shows that there might be billions of planets just in our galaxy capable of life. This is just in one galaxy of an uncountable number of them. This could make someone feel very small if they believe this. If a person thinks that we are the only life, it makes you feel very big.

Our perspective on who we are and how much we matter is based largely on our beliefs. If you think we are alone, you feel big but if you think we are one of many, it makes you feel very small. We have absolutely no evidence that there is other life out there but at the same time, we have no reason to think that we aren’t alone since we have never proven we aren’t. Personally I believe that their is. This universe has proved us wrong so many times and there seems to be a smaller chance that there is not life with so many planets in the entire universe. Obviously we won’t know until we search them all but I believe there is much more life out there.

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