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According to “Are Warning Labels on Unhealthy Food a Good Idea?” (Upfront), there is a debate regarding the proper way of combating obesity. A popular idea proposed by public health officials is the placement of warning labels on foods that contain high levels of sugar, salt, or fat. One side argues that the placement of these labels will discourage unhealthy food choices and put an end to misleading marketing strategies made by companies. With labels, it provides a clear and visible way for consumers to be aware of the products they purchase. On the other hand, those who argue against the labels state that the government should not try to influence food choices of their citizens. This opposing side believes that there are enough nutrition facts given on the packages and enforcing these labels is only another way for politicians to limit ones freedom.

After pondering both arguments, I believe that the warning labels on unhealthy foods are not a good idea. It is true that the labels will make consumers more cautious of their choices but over time they will grow to ignore them. On the surface level, it is a great idea but in reality it is ineffective. People know when they are making unhealthy choices but it is a matter of lack of self control. With these labels, it will openly shame individuals and make them feel guilt, which will only worsen the issue. Also, I have been to Mexico and they have a similar approach of the unhealthy food labels so I can firmly say that people pay very little to no attention to them.

Do you think the warning labels are a good idea?

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