As of 2002, a federal law was put into place that set requirements for federal elections, which included identity verification for any person that enrolled to vote. Several of these laws have been challenged in court as to whether or not these were another form of discrimination to prevent certain people from voting. This correlates with the literacy tests that were used in the mid 1900’s to target African American people, who often times were not able to receive a high enough education to pass the tests, from voting. A lot of people see voter ID laws as a modern day method of preventing lower-income minorities from voting. An article shows how states are moving towards even more strict voter ID laws which show how difficult it is becoming for minorities to be able to vote. 

I believe this issue is very important because voter ID laws are essentially going against everything that minorities fought for to be able to vote in the first place. I think this issue is s0 important because it will be impacting me in the very near future when I am able to register to vote. There is an article that shows various reasons as to how voter ID laws are bending around the rules around the specific words stated in the constitution, but are still technically unconstitutional and specifically targeting groups of people so they are not able to have an impact on their vote. There are many things that are present in today’s world to prevent people from making an impact on voting, such as gerrymandering, and it is another form of discrimination even though many people do not recognize this. 

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January 16, 2018 12:07 am

Hi Trey,
I thought your article was very informing an a very important issue in America that doesn’t seem to be talked about very often. Being able to vote is the biggest impact many people can have in our government, and the voter ID laws make it very difficult for many to exercise this right.

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