When I read articles and books, some people say that being a vegetarian as a child does not matter to their health but others say that it matters and it affects children with malnutrition. I think that kids need lots of various nutritions, which don’t include in plant-based food, and it is important to consume various nutritions such as vitamins and calcium. Plant-based foods have nutrition that people need to consume but they are lack of nutrition that need for children or don’t have the nutrition that children need to consume.

According to the article, ‘Do Vegan Kids Get Enough Nutrition?’, the author said: “Vitamin B12 is another important consideration. Whereas meats, dairy products, and eggs are B12-rich, plant foods aren’t, so vegan kids can easily get too little of it.”. The author also explains: “In the 2014 study mentioned earlier, vegans consumed 40 percent less calcium than meat-eaters did.” According to the article, ‘Should Parents Recommend The Vegan Diet To Their Kids?’, the author said: “growing kids need to have a lot of calories and protein. Plant-based foods tend to have fewer calories than animal-based ones. And while too many calories can be bad, children still need it to grow and support daily activity. Protein is also very crucial since it helps with muscle building and all sorts of other bodily processes. Furthermore, protein is also easier to get from animal products since the ones you get from plants are less accessible to the body.”

I learned that plant-based food is not enough for kids because plant-based food doesn’t contain enough calories for kids and proteins. Nutritions, which is really important to kids, cannot be satisfied with plant-based food. Vitamin B12 is also important to kids and the vitamin relates to the human brain. Vitamin and Iron are hard to be found in plant-based food, and kids have to consume those two nutritions for bones and blood. Parents should not be forced their kids to do but if they want to, parents lead them in the right direction.

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February 14, 2020 6:30 pm

I really enjoyed reading your post about vegans amongst kids. I found this article discussing if it is appropriate for children that I think you would like https://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2012/05/03/is-veganism-appropriate-for-kids. I liked how you stated that “Nutritions, which is really important to kids, cannot be satisfied with plant-based food.” I know that it seems like a healthy alternative, but with children growing and developing, they need a lot of energy and nutrients, so dieting and other forms of eating are not always the best. Going vegan for children does not allow them to have the vitamin B12 found in a lot of high protein foods. I think you could discuss an alternative if kids still want to go vegan. This could possibly be taking vitamin supplements or other foods. I think going vegan is healthy for adults as they do not need as many calories because they are fully developed, but for children they are still growing and require more. I really enjoyed your post.

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